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Our online courses exist at the intersection of Music Theory and Musical Theatre. We only focus on the music theory that is relevant to the rehearsal room—all at an unbeatable price.


MTforMT expands your musical purview as a theatre performer so that you can depend less on learning solely from piano-plunked tracks, save time in the rehearsal room and at home, and gain an even deeper understanding of the notes that you sing. 


There’s more to a theatre score than meets the ear. As music is used in theatre to express emotion and feelings of the characters onstage, isn’t it only right that the performers understand these nuances as well? Performers can only enrich their understanding of the characters that they portray by enhancing their understanding of the music that they sing.


MTforMT focuses solely on the relevant music theory that is needed in a rehearsal room and utilizes only musical theatre scores in the course. 


MTforMT is not a replacement for higher education, rather it is an additive tool to give performers a leg up when they’re asked, “do you know music?” in an audition room—a tool that until now has been all too scarce.  


We take the time to work with you individually outside of the main course which leaves room to focus on areas you need help with the most.

What makes us different?


Courses focus solely on the music theory material that is relevant to the performer while in the rehearsal process. 


Our courses our priced so that you can break through your musical blocks without breaking the bank.

Two-Pronged Approach


Beginner Level

If you're a theatre performer who has just been getting by with MIDI tracks and listening, and you want to learn how to read written music, this course is for you.


Advanced Level

(coming soon)

If you're a theatre performer who is comfortable reading music, enjoys learning new skills, and wants to deepen your understanding of music in theatre, this course is for you.

Meet your instructor

About your instructor

“Jeffrey was always a life saver when I needed help in my music classes. I highly suggest that anyone who is having a hard time wrapping their head around certain music concepts should get help from Jeffrey.”
Jack Goodman
former student
"A talented composer and musician; his energy and passion emerges from his work effortlessly. He’s also a wonderful teacher and mentor working with young artists."
Jerome Vivona
American Theater Dance Workshop
"Jeffrey is an excellent tutor who goes the extra mile every tutoring session. He was very patient and encouraging when it came to tackling new topics, along with helping me in areas of the classes I struggled with. It was a pleasure working with Jeffrey!"
Nikhita Rupnarain
former student

Are you ready to become a better performer?

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